Rules, rights and obligations and benefits to “persons who have paid the annual fee for the use of the golf course” vs. “visitors a day.”

People who have paid the annual fee for use of the golf course are entitled to:

– To play on the golf course free of charge throughout the year, if conditions allow atmospheric included

– To start up as the priority on the course.

– To participate in the closed tournament

– To be affiliated through TRIPOL the Polish Golf Union and for a fee set by PZG received your handicaps.

– For discounts on hotel services and catering (not alcohol) in the Palace Krobielowice 10%.

People who have paid the annual fee for use of the golf course are required to:

Pay annual fees set by the  TRIPOL Sp. z o. o.

This fee must be paid no later than 31 March each year. Failure to pay her for that period will result in removal from the list of persons entitled to use the golf course in the annual fee. Re-admission to the / in the list will require a fee for use of the field in the first year.

The fee may be suspended on condition subject to notification by mail or e-mail us, by 15 February each year. The fee for the suspension of individual rights to the game is 500 PLN per annum, with the suspension of the right to play the family is 700 PLN per annum.

They have a duty to obey the rules and etiquette of golf, on pain of ban on the use of the golf course, without refund of any portion of the annual fee.

Visitors Daily:

They bring all the hotel and restaurant charges a nominal fee.

They pay a daily entrance fee at the golf course. They can participate in open tournaments.

Each player is required to:

Register at the reception before the game

Golfers have the proper attire

Use your set of golf clubs, a golf bag person -1

Lay the back pulled out clumps of sod

Have fork, pitchfork, and use them to repair ball marks on Greens

Grab a bunker that its surface is uniformly smooth

Golf carts parked at a distance of not less than 5 m from the greens

Pass quicker players

During the game lessons are forbidden. For those, who want to have a lesson please contact our instructor, who has exclusive right to run a lessonss.


On the Krobielowice Golf Course there are two types of fees for use of fields under annual fee:

In the first year and

For those who have paid a fee for use of the Krobielowice Golf Course in the previous year and will make a charge for the current year by 15 March of this year

More detailed information regarding fees are in the price list.