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GAME RULES – How to play?

Reservation start time is required on weekends and public holidays. It can be made seven days in advance. To make a reservation, and final confirmation of game time, please contact the reception at the Club, which is open:
on weekdays from 9.00 am to 18.00
on holidays and weekends between the hours of 09.00 to 18.00

Features club
Players and their guests may use the club premises.
The rest of the Palace Restaurant

Each player is not a member of our club before going on the field should identify the Handicap card, green card or at least “playing cards”. Card only entitles you to play on our field. It can be obtained after passing a test for our coaches. The test consists of a theoretical part – the labels and the practical test of the game.

All the players before going out into the field must register and download the scorecard at the reception venue for at least 15 minutes before the start.

Golf Attire
Is required – summer shirt with a polo collar. Game T-shirt, jeans, tracksuit bottoms is prohibited. Effective trainers. Only use “soft spikes”.

Marshal has the right to check your ticket to the golf – green fees or club card, instruct players not playing or not adhering to the label. It has the power to remove from the field of all persons not adhering to rules of the game.

Game Rules and local rules on the golf course
The game of golf is in accordance with “Rules of Golf as approved by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews’. On the Krobielowice Golf Course the following local rules:
All internal unpaved roads are part of the golf-ball strikes the resting place. The sites surfaced with gravel drops the ball without penalty on not more than one club length not nearer the hole.
Dropping the ball without penalty – no more than one club length not nearer the hole – from trees and shrubs less than two club-lengths
– From the information boards on the tee, directional boards and benches
– From the sprinkler heads.
You can remove stones from the bunker if you interfere in hitting the ball.
The appeal for a short sheared grass can be re-20cm ball but not nearer the hole.
Signs pointer:
– White with four red stripes – 200 m from the beginning of the green
– White with three red stripes – 150 m from the beginning of the green
– White with two red stripes – 100 m from the beginning of the green
– White with a red stripe – 50 m from the beginning of the green
– White – field borders
– Blue – ground under repair
– Red – side water barrier
– Yellow – Water obstruction

Each player should:
Register at the reception of the Club before the game
Golfers have the proper attire
Use your set of golf clubs, a golf bag person -1
Lay the back pulled out clumps of sod
Have fork, pitchfork, and use them to repair ball marks on Greens
Grab a bunker that its surface is uniformly smooth
Golf carts parked at a distance of not less than 5 m from the greens
Pass quicker players
Do not:
Play in groups of more than 4 persons
Practice on the golf course, play the field more than two balls
Be the ball from the area Driving Range in particular, play them on the golf course
Play, if other players are hitting the ball within
Priority is to play the field:
Group of 2 persons shall take precedence over groups 3 and 4 persons. Gives way to the lone player groups